2023 Sprinter vs 2023 Transit Trail How I Chose

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2023 Sprinter vs 2023 Transit Trail How I Chose

Because I spend my winters in snowy climates and like to spend my summers exploring backcountry roads, a 2-wheel drive was a no-go for me. The Sprinter is currently the only van in its category to have a factory 4×4 option.

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After logging 30,000 miles and learning what I truly wanted in a van, I sold that first van and started over. The second time around, I went with a bigger 170″ 4×4 Sprinter Van that was converted by Outside Van. I ditched the bathroom, made room for mountain bikes and other outdoor gear, and never looked back.

Pay attention to what you’re currently using—or not using—so you can downsize to have only the essentials in your van. This is a great time to evaluate what you really need to be happy and to start thinking about ways you can potentially simplify your gear. When I first started van life, I was a solo female van lifer, and I’ll admit that the first trip I went on, I was very scared, particularly at night.

After a layoff, I decided to keep informing the public and producing high-quality articles on nomadic living for my own website. What’s really cool is that you can decide to do a DIY install, an assisted DIY install or bring your van into Esplori headquarters for a professional install. Also included in the kit will be a complete wiring harness for a van, lighting, a fan, insulation and charging outlets. This vent is necessary to keep the air flowing during the summer and for steam to escape while cooking. As you can see, adding on all the bells and whistles to your Sprinter van will really increase the cost.

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Whether you’re looking for a grand adventure or you want to save money, here are a few of our favorite reasons for why van life is awesome. Rentals aren’t cheap – with professionally converted Sprinters routinely going for upwards of $300 per night! With minimal effort, you can pay for a significant portion of your camper van by renting it just a handful of times per year. If you’re purchasing a new Sprinter van from a Mercedes dealership, and you’re working with an approved builder, like Muse & Co.

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Auto Insurance for your Van

These include the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster®, and GMC Savana, in addition to the Mercedes-Benz vans. Positive cash flow is essential to maintain maximum operational efficiency and provide the agility needed to succeed.

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And the price keeps going up if you add a longer or taller Sprinter, or one with a 6-cylinder diesel engine. If you buy a low-roof model, you can always install a pop-top later on for standing room. One benefit of a low roof model is that it gets better gas mileage, and has a low profile for off-roading. Veteran-owned and no stranger to motorsports, Adrenaline Vans will upgrade your Sprinter van build to the ultimate 4×4 machine. For some examples of van life essentials and useful gadgets, head over to our Van Life Essentials roundup next. As the water tanks (one for fresh water, one for grey water) are large items, these should generally be put into place as early as possible so you have a better idea of the remaining space in your van.

One of the least glamorous sides of van life is chores such as refilling your water, dumping your greywater, and finding places to shower. These are chores that you just don’t have to think about when you live in a house! However, it’s pretty simple to find water, dump stations, showers, and laundromats on the road. You can learn a lot about how you’ll use the space after one week on the road. You may think you want room for kayaks only to find that you didn’t use the kayaks once on your road trip.

As such, one of our most popular routes with this van is from NYC to Stratton Mountain. This is our flagship Mercedes Sprinter limousine and what clients consider, a mobile living room. Clients love using this van as an alternative to flying long distance because of the comfortability and to avoid the hassle of airport security. This throws me off because I initially believe the Transit Trail will be the less expensive option. Now facing a near-even cost, I need to take a closer look at the details of both vehicles. Frustratingly, the Transit Trail is so new that many of the dealers don’t even know what I was talking about when I ask after the build.

A lighter weight campervan build is best if you want to go off-roading in a Sprinter van. If you’re looking for a lightweight campervan interior, you might want to go with one of Esplori’s campervan conversion kits. These are made out of aluminum, and Esplori claims the kits are 40% lighter than alternatives. If you’re interested in converting your Sprinter van professionally, you need to find a company that can do it all for you. Fortunately, there are quite a few conversion businesses out there, so it’s all about finding one that offers the amenities you want and is close by.

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