A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Rent an Apartment

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Rent an Apartment

Keep in mind, larger apartments and more occupants will increase the utility usage significantly, make sure you budget accordingly. Budget experts recommend that you spend only 25% – 35% of your take-home income on housing costs.

Because you pay these fees upfront, apply only for apartments you are interested in. If you do not have a credit score or have poor credit, have a reference letter handy to help prove your worthiness as a prospective tenant. Such a letter can come from a work manager, colleague, previous roommates, or others who know you well. VISALE is a free service providing a guarantor for people under the age of 31 or a professional renting a property within the first six months of their new work contract. The guarantee is applicable only to tenants with a mobility rental lease (bail mobilité).

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Landlords prefer quiet, long-term tenants who pay their rent on time. Once you have successfully found an apartment, and applied and been accepted by the landlord, it is time to complete the formalities of moving into a long-term apartment in Germany.

But if your place is maintained by a property management company (Or individual manager), you don’t need to be worried about collecting the fees. The company will take payments and deposit them into your account. You can also set up an automatic payment system, where the money is withdrawn from the tenant’s bank account and deposited into yours on a certain day each month.

Conclusion – How to rent an apartment in Athens

Read more about Doral apartments here.

Or maybe you prefer a cozy artist’s loft in le Marais or Montmartre. Whatever your style, it’s no secret that living in Paris is a dream for many. Another cost you need to consider is the utility and building maintenance fees that you’ll be required to pay monthly. This naturally doesn’t come free, so you would need to be willing to pay whatever fee the company requires. Tenants want to know that their landlord is responsive to their needs.

How to rent a flat in Paris as a Parisian student without a guarantor?

So you can’t have a garant who will sign for you, in the case you want a more expensive flat. There are just as many if not more websites dedicated to flat hunting in Paris, as there are actual agencies! Unfortunately, the majority of results that pop up when writing in an English search term are so-called “expatriate agencies” that are total scams (but I’ll get into that more later).

While unfurnished accommodation is usually less expensive to rent, it offers less flexibility and requires you to bring or buy your furniture. Furnished flats, on the other hand, are ideal as they are ready for you to live in and your notice period is shorter. Just because you are currently unemployed or freelancing does not mean you do not have money in the bank. Maybe you are in the process of starting a new job and do not yet have proof of income to show.

Do you know what a landlord, tenant, professionals only, and utilities are? Do you know what to ask a real estate agent or landlord when you go to see a place? Do you know what to say when you are interested in an apartment? If any of that raises doubts in your head and makes you feel anxious, you just need to work on your English more to rent an apartment in English confidently. We provide all the basics in terms of the vocabulary needed to rent an apartment in English. The biggest online platform for selling and renting property in France is seloger.fr.

Once you’ve completed the application and gathered all of the necessary documents, it’s time to send it in. This may include an online application, emailed application, mailed in or a hand delivered application. If you already live close to the apartment that you’re applying for, you might be able to drop it off in person. Another option is to mail it in, however, sending things through the mail might take too long. If the application was emailed to you, you’ll need to print it out, complete it, then scan and email it back to the manager or landlord. Now that you have all of your pre-search information and criteria in place it’s time to get on your apartment search grind. The days of rental listings in local newspapers and magazines are pretty much over, the only tools that you’ll need for this is a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection.

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