Employee Scheduling Software Features & Requirements

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Employee Scheduling Software Features & Requirements

This type of workforce management software helps managers to streamline payroll systems and ensures staff are paid the right wages and on time. Encompassing all these factors will not only optimise business efficiency but it will keep your employees happier with more organised and structured business processes as well as happy customers. TSheets is a time tracking program for creating, editing and tracking workforce schedules. Automated notifications and GPS functionality help with resource deployment, live location of clocked-in employees, and keeping everyone updated. Available on cloud-based deployment, it also has a comprehensive mobile module with offline accessibility. Integration with multiple popular payroll and accounting inclusions streamline financial management and alleviate gaps in the workflow.

Employee Scheduling Software how

However, the downside lies in the cost of acquiring and implementing such software. Today, QuickBooks Time has a 4.7-star rating of 5 out of 6,673 reviews on Capterra.

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If you’re in the market for employee scheduling software, you are looking at entering into a monthly, subscription-based service. Some services charge a small fee per employee each month, while others charge a monthly fee that covers up to a fixed number of employees. There are no long-term contracts to sign, but some vendors require you to provide written notice in advance before closing your account. The software includes over 60 reports on topics such as attendance, shift swapping, labor costs and employee retention.

Improve staff accountability

With employee scheduling software, you can save time, improve communication, and ensure that schedules are optimized for your business needs. Another consideration when implementing employee scheduling software is financial management and processes. Read more about Employee Scheduling Software here. If your scheduling software is going to allow for flexible shift changes, it needs to also be able to calculate and communicate payroll changes.

In addition, it can be difficult to decipher if you have overlapping shifts and other complicated scheduling. You can also color code the event for easier viewing, attach email addresses to the event for simplified communication, and set up automated notifications to keep your employees informed.

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