How Online Landscape Design Works

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How Online Landscape Design Works

While savings will be made in some areas, inevitably you will make mistakes in others. Remember to DIY what you can, making raised beds yourself and the like will also help keep costs down. LawnStarter makes lawn care easy, affordable, and reliable. Follow this blog to stay up to date with what you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape year-round. Aside from leading the team at Landscape Leadership he enjoys speaking at green industry events across the country sharing his insights on marketing and sales. Chris now lives in Austin, TX, a transplant from the midwest and the great state of Michigan.

Whenever possible, we prefer to use video chat where you walk us around your yard. To get the most out of borrowed views, carefully plan the placement of your outdoor living spaces and landscaping elements. For example, if you have a beautiful view of a mountain range, you should position your patio or seating area so that you can enjoy it. Trees and other plants can also frame the view and add texture and color to your landscapes.

Just because they have fewer years in the field doesn’t mean lower-quality work. How much landscape designers charge can also depend on where you hire them. While the price varies by region and market, quality usually comes with a higher price. You’ll find simple gardens that cost less in rural areas and more elaborate designs in urban or suburban areas. Also, labor rates tend to get higher as you get closer to a metro area. The average landscape design cost per square foot varies significantly depending on the size and complexity of the project. Consequently, the cost per square foot is higher for more extensive and complicated projects requiring a landscape architect’s services than for a simple garden design.

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Landscaping Design Step 5 – Concept Plan

However, with the right expertise and understanding, you can overcome these obstacles and achieve your desired results. You’ll learn all about landscape design, what it is, and what’s involved. Perhaps the riskiest option, design fees based off of a percentage of the client’s budget can create a win-or-lose scenario. While it may sometimes seem like a simple process to homeowners, creating designs that sell takes valuable time and effort. And you want to make sure you’re earning what the designs are worth.

Consider the main elements of landscape design

Some locations will require the use of only native species, while others will require use of only low-water plants, shrubs and trees. In the fourth lesson we will cover startup costs, licensing,
and registering your business.

This price can go up to $200 per hour if designers offer more direct on-site supervision of landscape contractors. Design costs vary depending on the size and location of the project and how sophisticated your design is, but most people pay between $1,960 and $7,220 to hire a landscape designer. The cost of living also has an impact on landscape design pricing. The fee of a landscape designer will be higher in expensive states.

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