How to Become a Corporation, Step by Step

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How to Become a Corporation, Step by Step

Additionally, there are specialized types of LLCs that cater to specific situations, such as professional services or real estate investments. LLCs come in various forms to suit the specific needs of a business’s ownership structure and operational strategy. The flexibility of LLCs allows them to adapt to single-owner businesses, partnerships or larger groups with multiple members.

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We almost universally recommend Delaware given its “business-friendly” and “international-friendly” approach. We are happy to discuss Your alternatives and why we recommend Delaware. Just like the other ones in this list, Swyftfilings, too, handles all the paperwork and saves you time and money in the process. Each and every person from their support team is a business specialist, and you can be sure you’ll not be left midway wandering around.

How Much Does it Cost to Incorporate a Business?

Foreign citizens and foreign companies can form an LLC in the USA. To officially create a corporation in Tennessee, you will need to file the Domestic For-Profit Corporation Charter. Similar to articles of incorporation, this document will officially register your business as a corporation. This document must be filed with the Tennessee Secretary of State. Although these bylaws are not required to be filed with the state, it is an important part of the incorporation process. It can be helpful to reach out for legal assistance when writing corporate bylaws to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Next, you’ll need to complete and file articles of incorporation with your state’s Secretary of State office.

How to get an LLC and start a limited liability company

When you start a corporation, you’re setting up a structure that can continue long after its founders have moved on, making it an enduring legacy of your entrepreneurial spirit. Get expert corporation formation online with worry-free services and support to start your business. Depending on who you use as a registered agent this is likely handled entirely by them. Renewal of their service simply involves paying their bill, which even if they are expensive is probably only $500, and will include that annual report filing. Payroll taxes become relevant if your company starts hiring regular employees in the U.S.

Read more about USA company registration here. Register by paper online – Paper articles of incorporation must be already drafted and prepared in advance, then uploaded online using the submit paper filing online option. Optional provisions refer to information about the entity that are not required by law, such as 501(c)(3) language for a nonprofit corporation. A domestic entity is one that is being created for the first time in Georgia. A foreign entity is one that already exists outside of the State of Georgia – whether that is another country or simply another U.S. state. Foreign entities must follow a different procedure to do business in Georgia.

U.S. Taxes

For example, ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom LLC formation companies can handle this process for you, saving you time — and money if your papers need to be re-filed. An LLC is distinct from a C Corp regarding taxation, ownership and formalities. LLCs typically have pass-through taxation, meaning profits are only taxed once at the member’s personal income level.

If you’re new to the concept of registering a business, the thought can be quite daunting. We’ve created this article to walk you through all the necessary steps which you’ll need to consider when you’re registering a small business in the US. You can form an LLC yourself or use an LLC formation service or accountant to register your LLC. For a quick, affordable, stress-free, and simple formation experience, our unique partnerships with two of the best in the business ensure you are in capable hands.

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