How to Clean a Fabric Sofa and Maintain Furniture

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How to Clean a Fabric Sofa and Maintain Furniture

Find out everything from how to wipe off a spill to how to plump your cushions to ensure that your sofa keeps you comfortable. But I tell you, with the cost of that China Seas fabric, someone would be crying BIG TIME if wine spilled on it. Before I became a decorator, I thought my only recourse to a stain proof couch was to buy dark colored fabric with some sort of dense pile. Hence, I have two enormous, 11-year-old brown corduroy sofas in our barn room (i.e. the family room/play room over the garage in our attached converted barn).

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However, while I was browsing the Sixpenny fantasy world, I came across my true Sixpenny love, the Loula Sofa. Starting at a cool $3k, you get “a tale of two looks”, including a curved seaet and sumptuous cushions. Alas, there was no way on Earth that I was going to spend $3k on a sofa which my cat could promptly pee on. But the true deal-breaker remained the estimated 14–16 weeks for delivery. I quickly learned about the Internet world of Direct to Consumer couches (Albany Park is one such brand). The website is so pretty and the reviews so lovely, that I was almost tempted to reach beyond my budget and make a purchase. That is, until I looked for reviews not on their website.

Sectional sofas

They’ve done pretty well, but even those monsters show old spit-up stains I was never able to get out. Let me know if you’ve had this same issue in the past and (more importantly!) how you fixed it in the comments below. Arm chairs, somewhat counterintuitively, don’t need quite as much space for that one person because the arm rests kinda wrap around ’em. So, generally speaking, 24 inches per person and that’ll get you just about in the right ball park. As for the scale of the painting, it’s the perfect size.

How much space do I need per person?

We are taking the first official “let’s attach the fabric” step of upholstery. For a professional, decorative look, you’ll want to make sure that every corner of your couch has at least one throw pillow on it. For standard couches, this means that both ends have at least one pillow, though you can put up to two of various sizes per corner if it better suits your vision.

Find a breakdown of how long couches, chairs, coffee tables and side tables usually last and how to determine whether they’re on their last leg. Your sofa is the centerpiece of your living space, where you spend time entertaining friends, watching TV, and relaxing over the weekend.

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