How to Cook for Just One or Two People

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How to Cook for Just One or Two People

They seemed to be especially aghast that the extent of my cooking experience was adding butter to TV dinners that I popped into the microwave. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love to cook. For me, cooking is a fun outlet to exercise my creativity and challenge myself. It’s an enjoyable evening activity for me to find a new recipe, hunt down the ingredients (or substitutes), assemble the creation, and make it pretty for pictures. Before you start cooking, get out all the supplies you’ll need and measure all of your ingredients.

Learning to taste and adjust seasoning is one of the most important chef skills. It’s an indispensable skill you can practice to improve your home cooking. A pinch of salt, a squeeze of lemon or a sprinkling of chilli flakes is often all it takes to lift a dish. Take care when using salted butter in cooking and baking as it can result in over-seasoning; most chefs use unsalted butter.

Growing up, dinnertime involved thumbing through delivery menus and picking up the phone. We had a couple of family staples—meatballs, mac and cheese, steak—but no family heirloom recipes, intensive all-day cooking holidays, or cookbooks marked up with tried-and-true adjustments. Eventually, I started asking for cooking supplies for birthdays and Christmas, collecting whatever tools people thought would be beneficial for me. I stole an old crockpot from my mom and received an air fryer for Christmas.

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Read more about Recipes here. Boiling, baking, grilling, frying, sauteing, and steaming are all unique methods used for different results. For many home cooks, figuring out what’s food and what’s food waste is often the most challenging part of scrap cooking.

It helps to have a kitchen scale handy for accurate measuring when a recipe calls for weighing ingredients. Spices and other shelf-stable ingredients will be integral to your cooking. Stainless steel pots and pans make optimal all-purpose cookware. You don’t need anything fancy to start, but you will need some basics. If you think monkfish looks a bit like a monster, we’re right there with you.

Get Experimental with Ingredients

The onions are ready when they become translucent and taste sweet and mild. The sheer volume of books, programmes, online recipes, and guides to cooking for beginners can be overwhelming. Some people are starting from scratch, learning how to cook for themselves for the first time. Some want to learn show stopping recipes to impress their friends.

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Expert cooks can whip up a delicious meal without a recipe, simply pulling from their vast culinary knowledge. But learning how to cook for beginners usually requires following recipes.

Verbally abusing you into learning how to cook, Thug Kitchen is for real people who want to learn to cook real food. This cookbook, which debuted as a #1 New York Times Best Seller and spent a year on the list, throws down more than 100 recipes for best-loved meals, snacks and sides for beginning cooks. Plus, it arms you with all the info and techniques you need to shop on a budget. What we call ‘pan sauces’ capture the wonderful flavours leftover from browning meat or fish in a frying pan. ‘Deglazing’ the pan involves the addition of a cold liquid to a hot pan. The liquid, (often water, sometimes wine, stock, or vinegar) comes to the boil and lifts the sediment from the base of the pan. The result is a simple but flavoursome sauce that can be completed within the few minutes it takes for the meat or fish to rest.

Cooking How to will help you discover the correct procedures for preparing a variety of meals. Read about how to saute vegetables, grill a streak, bake fish and more. Find the help you need for the task you want to accomplish with our comprehensive how-to guides. We’re here to help you prepare, cook, bake, decorate, and serve with confidence. I’ll never be the best cook on staff at Bon Appétit. I cover restaurants and food culture—code for the fact that I eat out constantly. I post up at restaurants for as many as six nights a week.

As you continue cooking, you will naturally acquire more spices for a wider range of cuisines. Once a dish is seasoned with salt and has just the right acidity level, the next step is to give it some character, such as a fresh accent from herbs or the warmth of spices. These pan-fried pork chops take very little time to get from stove to table.

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