How To Create and Use Stamps with Dynamic Text in Bluebeam Revu 2019

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How To Create and Use Stamps with Dynamic Text in Bluebeam Revu 2019

These examples are taken using the 64x Bluebeam Revu 2019 eXtreme edition, but these functionalities are available within all versions of Revu. In addition, Bluebeam Revu allows you to add Dynamic Text to stamps. Dynamic text is automatically updated when the stamp is placed in a PDF, allowing you to update your stamp with the date it was placed or with the author who placed the stamp. The Text Box field Project acts as a Dropdown List in the Stamp Dialog.

However, date and time Dynamic stamps are this easiest to make. Adobe does not exactly provide a template, but they do provide several examples, i.e, all of the built-in stamps that display a date and time. There are other tutorials on this site on creating a dynamic stamp.

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If you encounter any issues with the steps in this article or have questions about interactive stamps, contact us. Please attach the affected stamp to your inquiry and a brief description of the issue. For Revu 21 users, you can edit the appearance and functionality of an interactive stamp with a Basics, Core, or Complete subscription plan. Vernon,
  There are no examples here in the Comment area.

Dropdown Lists and ListBox Field Types

But there’s nothing anywhere about how to do these tasks (There is now, see the link to at the bottom of the page). Muhammad,. Thank you very much for your comment. Read more about Digital Architect Stamp here. You have hit on several common points of misunderstanding with dynamic stamps. When Acrobat places a stamp on a PDF if flattens out all the content. The dynamic bit is a special Acrobat feature that is only active in a small window. Just after the user clicks to place the stamp, and before that stamp is actually placed, Acrobat runs scripts on the stamp that fill out the form fields on the stamp.

New York Professional Engineer Stamp Products

With Revu open, navigate to the Tools dropdown menu and select “Stamps” to access the library of premade stamps that Revu has to offer. The self-signed digital ID has now been created, and will appear listed in the Manage Digital IDs box. If you add a new radio button in the Forms panel directly, a second radio group will be created and won’t be included in the radio group that already exists.

A great place to start is local chapters of state engineering societies. Ask engineers to add their name to a volunteer list. Provide training on how to be an effective guest speaker and facilitate fun hands-on activities. Reach out to local school districts and find that point of contact who can coordinate with teachers who want engineers to visit with their students.

And provides some specific details about your process. I have the same “read only” problem that Muhammad Ataya is having. But when I save it elsewhere and then copy it back into the Stamps folder the stampname value changes. And none of my scripts run, I think because the stamp name is not correct. If you are a licensed engineer in the state of New York, you are required to have an NYS PE Seal. This stamp is used to show that you are a professional engineer and that your work meets the standards set by the state. There are different types of NYS PE Stamps available, depending on your profession and the type of work you do.

If you want to focus on girls, concentrate on middle schoolers because that seems to be the age where we lose their interest in STEM. If you want to focus on racial diversity, seek out schools with a higher percentage of people of color and send engineers who look like them. The wealth of potential talent among women and minorities! Women account for about half of the US workforce, but only 27% of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) workforce. Black and Hispanic workers are also underrepresented, making up 9% and 7% of STEM workers, respectively.

Calculation script

From here, you can add any Images, Markups, Snapshots, or text to your Stamp and adjust the size of your Stamp by using the blue control points. This article will show you the basics of creating and using Stamps within Bluebeam Revu, including those with Dynamic Text.

The list of items that will appear in the Stamp Dialog are dependent on the StampCode. In the Acrobat print dialog, on the right-hand side, make sure you have “Document and Markup” selected from the Comments & Forms dropdown. You’ll see that there is also a book on stamps advertised on this web page.

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