How to Get an Islamic Divorce: 6 Steps with Pictures

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How to Get an Islamic Divorce: 6 Steps with Pictures

Traditionally, it’s said that the darker the stain of the mehndi, the more love the bride will receive from their partner and in-laws. Brides were also told that they shouldn’t do any housework for as long as the stain lasts, which according to Ahmed’s experience, can be up to two to three weeks if natural henna is used. Also, here are some Video Tutorials on Youtube which can be helpful for those who would rather see the process in motion. This video by TED-ED is presented by Eric Bourg, a Dutch educator and an artist interested in Islamic geometrical design, who works on it and has written books about it. If these meticulous patterns’ geometry fascinates you, why not learn how to create them?

Five times each day, Muslims bow down to Allah in scheduled prayers. If you are learning how to pray, or are just curious about what Muslims do during prayers, follow along with these general guidelines. For more specific guidance, there are online prayer tutorials to help you understand how it is done. Gold has increased 76% over the last 5 years giving approximately 15% returns every year. Those are impressive numbers and this article digs into whether gold still remains a good investment, the best ways to invest in gold, and whether gold is a halal investment for Muslims. This is the time when you start to get serious about your child’s salah.

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However, moving to North America made me realize the lack of accessible information on halal practices. Thus, I researched extensively, combining my knowledge and experience, to start The website aims to provide accurate and accessible information on halal practices, covering various topics. I update the website regularly to ensure we offer up-to-date information. I believe that leading a halal lifestyle is essential for physical, mental wellbeing and brings us closer to Allah. Put them down in front of you on your prayer mat and they are happy to see you perform the prayer. You may recite a bit louder, that way, the baby will think that you are reciting for him/her.

Your next step is the Nikah (also spelled “Nikkah”), where you’ll sign the marriage contract. The ceremony itself is pretty short and sweet, but there are a few Qu’ranic requirements to fulfill. Read on to learn the specific religious requirements for this ceremony, how a basic Nikah ceremony would go, and what to expect if you’re a guest at a Nikah for the first time. The slaughter of the animal must be done on the front of the neck. The Esophagus, trachea, two jugular veins and two arteries must be cut. It must be done between the lower jaw and the beast bone (source).

And in a country like the UAE, the majority of the population are non-Arabic-speaking expats. Effective results come from the teaching that are taught with love and ease. No wonder how this ease and love from Rasoolullah ﷺ shaped Anas Bin Malik r.a., Zaid Bin Haartha r.a. And his own children into such remarkable companions and obedient servants of Allah.

It is believed that communication with Allaah is critical to strengthening the faith of the believer. Muslims believe that Allaah speaks to us through the Qur’an, and salah is our means of responding to Allaah. Whether you’re just curious as to how Muslims pray or if you’re looking to learn for yourself, it’s never too early to start.

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This is because there is no real gold trading taking place and the economic effect is exactly symmetrical to that of gambling. As mentioned above, under Islamic law most scholars opine that futures or options trading is not permissible (though a small minority disagree). When it comes to gold and precious commodities in particular, scholar are particularly careful about any deferment in delivery or payment. Minted allow you to buy one-off amounts of gold, or to set a direct debit so you slowly save up in gold. They also have plans to bring out a card to accompany their app, so eventually they could come up with a gold-backed online bank – which sounds intriguing. There are a whole range of gold brokers online but two that we’ve particularly interacted with and found to be decent are Bullion Vault and Minted. The first and most ancient way of investing is by holding actual chunks of gold.

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He also supports a couple of charities that help provide vocational training to underprivileged youth. While my mother is religious and is rooted in our traditions, my father has a modern outlook on life and believes religion should always be between an individual and his God. I am looking for a down to earth, open-minded person who appreciates the need to keep pace with changing times without forgetting our roots. She should be well educated and could be career oriented or choose to be a homemaker after marriage.

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The profile photograph provides an indication of how religious the person is.

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