How to Hang a TV Mount: Easy Installation Guide & Pro Tips

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How to Hang a TV Mount: Easy Installation Guide & Pro Tips

If you should your TV to be larger, you might also tilt your TV right down to maintain it at eye level. However, it will solely work should you recline whereas watching TV and you’ve got got a tilting or full-motion TV mount. Now you’ll find a way to place your mounting bracket on the wall and screw it. Please examine if your TV has VESA mounting holes on the again and if the bracket supports the proper VESA size. On the opposite hand, mounting a TV with out metallic studs may be very much attainable, as long as you have the right TV mount and tools with you. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb for any mounting procedure option, especially one that’s extra difficult, it might be clever to depart it to the specialists and hire a educated professional.

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General Height For A 55″ Screen Size Television

If you wish to get pleasure from your favourite movies from the consolation of your yard or patio, you can mount a TV exterior. You’ll need to be considerate about its location, making certain it’s away from water and warmth, like a grill or pool. Placing it underneath a roof, awning, or gazebo is usually a good suggestion as well for additional safety. Outdoor wiring does add an extra layer of issues with this project, so it may be worth it to hire an electrician to assist.

It is tempting to search out one stud (or start beside a door/window) and then measure off 24″/600mm centers, or 18″/450mm facilities, or no matter your personal home was constructed to. But there are numerous requirements, and the spacing might vary across the wall. Manuals are included with all of our TV mounts and out there online along with video tutorials and set up videos. When removing the drill template from the wall, keep it level to avoid spilling dust on the floor!

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Attach the television mounting plate to the again of the TV and, with a associate, line up the TV mount with the bracket on the wall according to the manufacturer’s directions. Thin drywall that’s ¼-inch thick can maintain 1.2 to 1.6 kilos per square inch and ⅝-inch thick drywall can hold 1.5 to 2.1 pounds per square inch without any additional support. Obviously, you’ll want drywall anchors to secure a tv as they will weigh anywhere from 20 pounds to over 75 pounds.

How To Mount A TV On The Wall: Step-By-Step

Wall-mounting can even prevent dangerous TV tip-overs, which ship tons of of youngsters to the emergency room every year. Perhaps in the future you might have a hundred inch TV which wants extra support, so future proofing is a good idea. There is not any overkill, especially when you live in an earthquake/tornado/etc area. Connect and share data inside a single location that’s structured and easy to search. The Kanto PDX650 has integrated cable administration channels that help keep your whole cables neat and tidy.

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