How to Maintain Your Ceramic Coated Car: A Complete Guide

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How to Maintain Your Ceramic Coated Car: A Complete Guide

Don’t use anything abrasive, like steel wool or regular soap, because it will scratch the coating. You’ve put a lot of hard work into making your ceramic-coated surfaces look great, but if you don’t maintain them, that beauty will become a thing of the past. Eventually, though, that beautiful shine starts to fade away because there was no effort to maintain it. It’s the same with ceramic-coated surfaces like cars and other vehicles.

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After all, it all boils down to choosing the right parking spot for your car in Milwaukee. Read more about Keramikversiegelung mit Garantie here. You can only imagine the damage the sun’s harmful UV rays can do to your car’s paintwork.

The hydrophobic properties (water behavior) of an automotive ceramic coating are the easiest performance characteristics to verify. However, they are extremely fickle if not maintained properly or are neglected for long periods of time. Without a regular vehicle wash routine, topical contamination layers stack up enough to completely cover and overtake the ceramic coating’s surface. When this occurs the hydrophobic properties of the vehicle surface display the water behavior of the contamination. This results because the surface contamination is now directly reacting with the environment.

This is not an accurate display of performance because ceramic coatings behave differently depending on the substrate they’re applied to. The ceramic coating helps maintain the original paint in pristine condition. It is a long-term solution for protecting the exterior of your car. Ceramic coating creates a seamless barrier on top of your car’s paint, making it almost impossible for dirt to adhere to the surface. Using just any soap to wash your ceramic coated vehicle is not the healthiest thing to do for your coating. Shift is just that, this high foaming soap is made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure there is nothing harming the coating while you are washing. After applying the coating, let it sit for the recommended time to allow it to bond with the paint.

What Is Ceramic Coating For Tesla Vehicles?

If you’d like someone else to do it, your best bet is to get to a detailing center that you know follows gentle procedures by hand. When using masking tape, choose quality automotive-grade masking tape. This type of tape is made to stick better and come off easier afterward. Once you have chosen an appropriate tape for the job, mark all areas that need protection. For example, if the area has curves or other shapes, you may need more than one strip of masking tape to cover it completely. Lastly, double-check all areas masked with a flashlight before proceeding with the application.

Compared to conventional waxes and polishing, ceramic coatings are simpler to maintain. The auto ceramic coating may be kept in good shape with a quick water cleaning.

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This example clearly indicates that surface energy of these areas has shifted away from the ideal characteristics of the coating to the properties of the left over oil or grease. This does not automatically mean coating failure, but rather the hydrophobic properties are masked by whatever rests on top of the coating.

How to Ceramic Coat Your Car At Home Like a Pro

“Ceramic” refers to “nanoceramics”, ceramics made from nanoparticles. Nanoceramics don’t have the same rigidity or brittleness of macroscale ceramics. These nanoparticles are what forms the nanostructure of a ceramic coating.

We are so confident in the quality and results of our products that we offer a full Money Back Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. Ceramic Garage in Modesto, CA, is the trusted choice for top-notch vehicle detailing and window tinting services. We’re certified professionals with 30+ years of family-owned expertise, and we’re proud partners with high-end dealerships in the area. But it will take time to buff out all those scratches if you want the job done right. If the coating is still holding strong, you need to start with the manufacturer’s literature and check if there are any specific instructions for the coating’s removal process.

Any DIY nano ceramic coating product that’s worth a damn will come in a kit. Contained therein, you should find a set of clearly illustrated, easy-to-comprehend instructions, along with all of the required supplies for applying the protectant itself. After your car gets a ceramic coating, it takes anywhere from two to three weeks to cure.

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