Online vs in-person shopping: how to meet CPG consumer needs in both spaces

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Online vs in-person shopping: how to meet CPG consumer needs in both spaces

Customer service is not just for brick and mortar shops, and online stores can also offer a delightful experience for a user. From the moment of arrival to the last click of the checkout process, making each encounter easy can help create a meaningful relationship with a customer. Catalogs allow brands to create personalized advertising based on updated data on price, stock, product descriptions, and other attributes. It helps boost sales by providing information about the company’s products and making it more accessible for consumers to find what they need. Retailers like Albert Heijn in the Netherlands are also replicating product sponsoring and recommendations in creative ways. The example below shows an ad on the floor sponsoring a specific ham product just below the bread shelf.

Many of these searches are for products and services that people are interested in using. Before the internet, consumers had to go to the store, ask questions, and trust the word of the salesperson they were talking to in order to make a purchasing decision. Now that consumers can go online to ask questions and find answers they can trust, they have more power when it comes to making smart purchasing decisions. Businesses can utilize search engine optimization practices to create high-quality websites that are more likely to show up in online search results. To start an online store, you will at minimum require a device like a laptop or mobile phone, internet access, an ecommerce platform, and startup funds to pay for web services and other fees. Depending on your business model, you may need to track, store, and manage inventory. When building your online store, you can use features or your ecommerce platform (and third-party apps) to help you.

However, with the increase in online stores, it’s crucial to ensure you’re shopping with a legitimate business. We’re helping you unlock the potential of online retail this season by sharing a multitude of secret and not-so-secret tips and tricks that maximize savings.

Reviewed helps you find the best stuff and get the most out of what you already own. Our team of home experts test everything from air purifiers to vacuum cleaners help you shop for the best of the best. The 3-Click-Rule is a theory that a user should be able to find any information on the website in no more than three clicks. What’s more important is the information a user can access on your site – the fewer steps they have to take to get there, the better. But the overall journey is more important than the actual number of clicks.

It also displays a QR code for shoppers to dive deeper into the shopping journey. Unilever transformed the end of a freezer aisle into an ice cream van, drawing shoppers in to explore their product range, providing a whimsical and unique element to their otherwise normal shopping trip. Using a comprehensive antivirus will help protect you from online shopping safety threats. Consumers are not always predictable when it comes to choosing products online—a concept that lies at the core of Cornell’s latest research in consumer psychology. And as a BigCommerce merchant, you have the opportunity to connect your store to Walmart Marketplace and start driving more sales instantly. Connect your BigCommerce catalog today so you can share your products with 120 million unique visitors every month. Luckily for those without any background knowledge or technical experience, creating an Etsy store is quick and easy, and building a storefront only requires a bit of customization.

Social media opens up new opportunities to interact with consumers and provide the best customer service possible, which is why it’s important for businesses to build and maintain an active online presence. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also make it easy to share content, which allows businesses to post engaging content and encourage their fans and followers to share it on their own timelines. Consumers want to find businesses on social media so they can get answers to their questions, read reviews from other users, and promote the brands they love to their own friends and followers. Online retailers have leveraged advanced technologies and data analytics to offer personalized shopping experiences. By analyzing customer preferences and browsing behavior, e-commerce platforms can recommend relevant products, tailor promotions, and provide customized offers. Moreover, the seamless integration of customer support services, secure payment gateways, and hassle-free return policies contribute to an enhanced overall customer experience.

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