The 10 Best Photo Booth App Options for Small Businesses

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The 10 Best Photo Booth App Options for Small Businesses

Events deliver the tools for success without compromising on quality or ease of use. Meaning something to take and display photos, props and a backdrop. However, if you’re wanting to run a business renting photo booths then it might be hard to not offer any prints. Prints are the one thing guests get to take home with them. Anyone throwing an event will really value giving their guests something tangible to take home as a keepsake. There are several printers on the market but the DNP 620A is our favorite.

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They are generally intended for couples and provide more privacy. At most we’ve seen 4 people go in at one time depending on how big they are. The image quality usually isn’t as good because of the options for lighting are limited to direct flash. The enclosure frame can be just about anything… We’ve seen everything from old school VW vans to simple pipe and drape curtains surrounding a kiosk.

How We Choose the Best Photo Booth Printer

In the bios menu of a PC, you can select a setting that turns the system on when it senses power from the cable, and if enabled will allow you turn the photo booth on with one switch. Building things and taking on DIY projects is rewarding, especially when you can see the efforts of your work so clearly by looking at a gallery of photos taken in your photo booth. You can also upload the photos into a your Facebook account as a photo gallery so your friends, family & guests can see, tag, and share the photos directly. And as long as your photobooth software saves a copy of each session, you can download the pictures off the iPad and upload them to an online gallery. Make sure to inform your guests that there is a photo booth available for them to use. Make sure to set up a table to the side for props to be displayed on and then think about how guests will use your DIY photobooth. The benefit of buying a photo booth shell or stand to put your iPad into, is it gives you a safe and secure kiosk to guarantee that everything is protected.

Hashtag Printer – This feature is usually intended for stand alone hashtag printers. You choose a picture from your phone and upload it to Instagram with the events custom hashtag.

What Other are Saying About this Photo Booth Tutorial

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How Does a Photo Booth Work?

I personally prefer using flash because it prevents motion blur and tends to make the images brighter and sharper. You can also get away with having an inexpensive camera or lens if you have a really nice lighting. However, flash is more confusing to learn and has potential for causing technical issues. A constant light source is typically easier to understand and is a great place to start.

Ask them to sit on the bench in front of the backdrop, and have fun with the props while you look through the view finder. Every event has a tech support person assigned for the day of the event. In the off chance you happen to have any issues you can call or text your support person anytime. Optional – Order a private online gallery to host all images from your event.

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