What do customers want from a house cleaning company How to start a residential cleaning business

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What do customers want from a house cleaning company How to start a residential cleaning business

Here, we’ll break down the essential steps on how to start a house cleaning business. A cottage is a type of small home and its size is no more than 1,000 to 1,200 square feet. Typically, the standard cleaning prices of homes that are 1,000 square feet or less range between $50 to $110.

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House cleaning rates vary by state, most often influenced by the cost of living. The national average, however, is between $150 and $250 for a house cleaning service. Meanwhile, the hourly rate can range between $25 to $90, depending on the scope of work and the number of cleaners. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most crucial factors to consider when setting prices for your house cleaning services. Although you might disagree, most people find cleaning their homes to be stressful and even painful.

Make sure you have removed or locked away expensive electronics and important documents that would be devastating to lose. You will also want to lock away expensive jewelry and sentimental items that you couldn’t bear to lose. If you don’t have a safe or closet to lock things in, we recommend locking your items in the truck of your car while your home is cleaned. Kitchen counters, islands, and bathroom vanities get cluttered pretty quickly – especially if you have many people living in the house. Before your professional cleaner arrives, please do your very best to put away stray items that are on any surface you would like cleaned. House cleaners are not usually instructed to organize your personal items. If they cannot easily access a surface, they may skip cleaning that section of your home.

Some house cleaners may charge extra for things like houses with pets, high ceilings, or deep cleaning of especially dirty spaces. They should be able to tell you upfront if anything in your home will require them to charge you extra. The income of a house cleaning business can vary depending on things like location, client base, services offered, and pricing. On average, a house cleaning business can make between $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

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The total number of rooms — which include a living room, dining area, and kitchen — ranges between 7 and 14. On average, the cost to clean a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home ranges from $175 to $225. Prices can go as low as $60 for a standard cleaning service, and as high as $20 for deep cleaning.

A regular cleaning schedule includes either weekly or biweekly visits from a housekeeper. Duties typically include dusting and wiping down of surfaces, vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping floors and removing trash. Invest in targeted ads, such as online ads or direct mail campaigns, to reach a wider audience. Lastly, consistently seek feedback from clients and use it to improve your services and customer satisfaction. With Homebase, you can easily track your employees’ work hours when they clock in and out using their mobile phones.

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We tried various approaches; one room a day, x number of minutes per day, refrigerator lists, apps, paper planners with chore lists. But when there was always more to be done it came to seem pointless to even make an effort. You could also reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have or know of any community boards where you can advertise your business. However, you’ll still have to purchase your basic supplies — which can be tough to do before you have any money flowing in. Even if your state doesn’t require workers’ comp, you should still consider it so that both you and your employees are protected from the cost of injuries on the job.

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