How Much Does a Locksmith Cost? How To Anticipate What You’ll Spend on a Locksmith 2023

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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost? How To Anticipate What You’ll Spend on a Locksmith 2023

Whether you can earn a locksmith certification completely online largely depends on the program you attend. The exact courses that are in an online locksmith program will vary depending on where you enroll.

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Those with real locations near you will have an address shown, those without, won’t have an address. I wont’ say which ones there are, but I see at least two high ranking sites in this search that are known to be price gouging, bait and switch companies. You can read more about that in our article on Locksmith Fraud. To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews Team at

How Much Should You Pay for Locksmith Training?

When you do a search for a business, Google will return three listing in a map 3-pack that it thinks are most relevant. Unfortunately, two of these “locksmiths near me” are completely bogus.


Those locksmiths who agree to serve as mentors to an apprentice should hold a professional certificate or license. When completing an apprenticeship, an unpaid worker participates in on-the-job-training as a locksmith. Additionally, some locksmiths use the continuing education to allow them an opportunity to earn a higher designation. When working as a locksmith, you will not be required to obtain continuing education.

Your certified locksmith master will certify and endorse your locksmith apprentice application. Additionally, locksmiths have to be customer service oriented. Even if called at an inconvenient time, you have to help the customer and take care of their issues. Oftentimes the customer is stressed or frazzled after finding themselves locked out, and it is up to you to get them where they need to be safely and calm them down along the way. It is expected that anyone who obtains a CRL will be a person with a good working knowledge of all aspects of locksmithing. This person is not considered a specialist in any locksmith trade, but someone who is working towards those specializations in a professional manner. With any business, the ability to network with other people in your industry is a must in order to be successful.

The Irish Locksmith Organisation has 50 members with ongoing training to ensure all members are up-to-date with knowledge and skills. If you call a locksmith who says it’s necessary to drill your lock and replace it, think about hiring another person. A skilled, legitimate locksmith has invested in the tools and education and honed the skills to unlock almost any door.

If the job is just to set a new combination or switch a manual lock to an electronic one, expect to pay around $50 to $150. But to manually open a safe, you’ll pay a safe locksmith a bare minimum of $150. For tougher cases, where the pro needs to drill into the lock to get it open, the price rises to $200 to $400.

The freedom of learning from home also has a downside, especially if you struggle with self-discipline. This makes it possible to pursue your studies even if you are working or have other responsibilities that make attending in-person school impractical for your needs. As long as you have a computer and reliable internet access, you can pursue your education right where you are. You do not need to have transportation to get to class and much of the time, you don’t even need to leave your home.

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Lock designs became significantly more complicated in the 18th century, and locksmiths often specialized in repairing or designing locks. You may wish to tip your locksmith a nominal amount such as $5 or $10 if they come to your aid during bad weather or if they’re able to resolve your issue very quickly. While tips are always appreciated, many locksmiths are self-employed and rely on word of mouth and social media reviews for future business. A positive review could help an independent locksmith far more than a one-off tip would.

This is separate from certificates of completion of training courses. In determining skill levels, certifications from manufacturers or locksmith associations are usually more valid criteria than certificates of completion. Some locksmiths decide to call themselves “Master Locksmiths” whether they are fully trained or not, and some training certificates appear quite authoritative. Rekeying a lock is cheaper than replacing a lock since the locksmith only repositions the pins in the lock. If you rent your house, you’ll need to check with the landlord about rekeying the lock so no previous renters can reaccess the house. If it’s new construction, keep former subcontractors out of your new home by rekeying the locks.

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